The benefits for you as an employer

HWP Plan worked with Ernst and Young (EY) to get the hybrid heat pump, like the bicycle plan, both inside and outside the WKR. The hybrid heat pump is “your central heating helper” that saves 50-70% on gas and costs! It is a very valuable allowance for your employees, saving them a lot of money! Moreover, you can offer your employee up to 55% benefit on the purchase with tax breaks. So join now in the nationwide sustainable action for your employees. And help make working in the Netherlands more sustainable with a hybrid heat pump through the company.

Running out of room in the WKR budget? No problem with HWP Plan Plus+

  • We introduce a new sustainable, valuable allowance for your employees
  • This doesn’t have to cost you anything as an employer!
  • You do business sustainably, you save energy and so do your employees up to 70% on gas and home costs
  • And on top of that, 40-55% discount on the purchase with the HWP Plan employee benefits
  • Ordering the hybrid heat pump via HWP Plan saves hundreds of euros compared to buying it yourself!
  • Employees can easily calculate the benefit with our web calculator
  • They can also easily pay for it from the savings and keep money in the process
  • They can also redeem their leave days and thus stay active for your company
  • It offsets the higher costs of working from home (according to Nibud €500 per year)
  • You give extra attention to the working and living conditions of your employees
  • A satisfied employee performs better!
  • And gets added value from their home through HWP Plan
  • HWP Plan unburdens the process through the portal and saves a lot of administrative hassle, with just a one-off administrative action
  • You reduce carbon emissions.
  • HWP Plan yields big savings every year and thus delivers more than a one-off donation
  • Climb up the CO2 performance ladder as a company, with all the associated benefits
  • Your employees receive a lasting sustainable gift
  • Sustainability is the trend and earns your company many credits
  • Your company thus contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
And is your WKR pot full? Not to worry… HWP Plan goes one step further with HWP Plan Plus+

  • HWP Plan Plus+ offers other options to still provide compensation without costing the employer anything (full compensation final tax 80%)
  • With the trade-off of a few extra days of leave, an employee can then still finance his heat pump
  • We do this in cooperation with the experts at Ernst and Young (EY).
Do you want this for your employees too?
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