Sustainability has just become affordable and feasible

Up to 55% savings via your employer

Up to 70% less gas, 30% CO2 and expenses at home


Pay out of your savings with employee benefits

Thanks to the hybrid heat pump, the helper next to any central heating boiler, you can save as much as €750 to €2000 on gas at home every year.

The National Hybrid Heat Pump Plan (HWP Plan) works like a bicycle plan or pc private project. Thanks to our group discount and special tax benefits, this gives you a very big advantage on the purchase and installation. You exchange gross salary and/or days off for this. So you get up to 55% benefit in return! Even with a full WKR budget from your employer, there is still a huge benefit, completely cost-neutral for the employer. All these benefits will save you thousands of euros on the purchase and installation. Moreover, you will earn back your hybrid heat pump in 2 to 4 years!

We relieve you of all your worries and help you with all the information, personal calculation, subsidy, possible loan (from 0%) and contact with the installer. You only have to make your final decision after the installer has given his advice. Calculate your savings now with no obligation using the HWP Plan calculator, no hassle!

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The advantages

Up to 70% less gas and 30% CO2

Save up to €750-2000,- per year

Up to 55% discount on purchase

Increase by two energy labels

Includes installation and 7-year warranty

Installation possible within one day

Earnback period reduced to 2-4 years

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How does it work?

This addition to the wall hung boiler extracts heat from the outside air to heat your home. As a result, the central heating burns much less, bringing significant savings of gas, CO2 and costs! The hybrid heat pump (with a small indoor and outdoor unit) ensures that your home is comfortably warm. What more could you want?

Calculate your savings and register with us – we’ll take care of the rest. A technician of your choice installs a smart hybrid heat pump next to your central heating system in one day.

Click here for the advantages of the Elga Ace hybrid heat pump or view the frequently asked questions

Remeha – Elga Ace

Pay with days off

Normally, you would pay around €50 per month for this hybrid heat pump including installation. Through additional HWP employee benefits, you can save money and pay only €20 – €29.95 per month. You pay by exchanging your gross salary and/or a few days off. Choose your own term of 2 to 7 years. With our online calculator you can immediately calculate your costs and savings. Pay from your own reserves and watch your savings grow!

View the calculation example

Includes installation and 7-year warranty

Installation possible within one day

Compatible with wall hung boiler and district heating

Pairs excellently with solar panels

Ownership after one year

HWP unburdens you

Ask your boss for HWP

Do you also want to save on your heating at home without any worries, for a fixed low monthly amount that can even be set off against your salary or days off?

According to Independer and Nibud, working from home costs much more in terms of energy. By choosing HAAS and your employee benefits, you can contribute to your energy savings in a financially attractive way. The hybrid heat pump is therefore 40% to 50% cheaper, which means you can easily pay from your own savings. So ask your boss to participate in HAAS, it won’t cost him a penny, and together we can make the Netherlands smarter and more sustainable.

How can you get started quickly?


Calculate your savings and payment and see what you save.


All good? Congratulations! Order and pay in one go or monthly from your savingss with your salary or days off.


Fill in everything accurately. HWP will then take care of your order, funding, discounts and inform the technician.

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